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Complete your ADI training with highly experienced ADI trainer. Let us help you get your career back on track.


‘Without question, the most significant sector of enquiries and training we deliver is to trainee instructors who are engaged in, or have completed their training with another training provider, but have been unable to pass part 2 or 3 of the qualifying exams.’




You can top up your training with a fully qualified ADI Trainer with 16 years in this industry.


We will provide you with a half day workshop; this will take the form of an assessment session followed by an honest and open discussion of what you do well and what areas need further development, followed by an opportunity to practice those skills.


You will leave the session;

1.Aware of what you do well

2.What skills and techniques you could develop further

3.What you need to do to develop your skills and techniques

4.An awareness that not all training is the same


What 1st motivated you to train as an ADI? Those motivators are still out there! WE CAN HELP YOU TO ACHIEVE THEM.


Contact us to put your career back on track.


Standards Test Preparation

ADI Standards Tests


- If the instructor gains a grade A a retest is usually within 4 years.

- If the instructor achieves a grade B a retest is usually within 2 years.

- If the instructor fails to gain a grade B a retest is usually within 3 months.



‘It should be made quite clear to those who are assessed as grade `B' that their instruction is at the minimum acceptable level.’


'If you fail to demonstrate an acceptable standard in three consecutive check tests you could be removed from the Register and would have to re-qualify before being allowed to give paid instruction.'





Our principal ADI Trainer is a high grade instructor; let us show you how he achieved that grade.

To help you prepare we would, ensure you know how best to present yourself and increase your confidence, the 2 hour sessions follows this structure;

•1 hour accompanied lesson

•Written report and feedback identifying strengths and weaknesses

•Role play exercises to consolidate good techniques and develop weak areas

•Explanation of standards test forms and what the examiner is looking for

•Advice on what kind of lesson to present and what sort of student to work with


To book your standards test training, and take a step towards a better grade, please contact us.

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