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Potential Driving Instructor Training

Becoming your own boss is many people’s ultimate dream.  With Arcangel Driver Training you are sure to receive some of the best training and advice money can buy.  Before you take the plunge our highly qualified trainer, Chris Truesdale, meets with all prospective clients to answer any questions you may have, to discuss the course and what will be expected.  All meetings are carried out at a location and at a time that is mutually convenient.  Call us today to make your appointment.


The cost of the Approved Driving Instructor Training Course comes in a choice of two options as follows -


Option 1

If you wish to pay the full amount of the ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) Training Course in one go, the total amount including all Training Materials is £1650.00. This must be paid to your Trainer on your signing on day. This does not include the Test Fees.


Option 2

This is the “Pay as you Learn” option, this is divided into 6 separate payments. Please pay your Trainer.


 •Part 1 – £50.00. Includes all of the DVSA recommended Books, online theory and hazard perception training .  This amount must be paid on the day you sign up for the course.


•Part 2 – £300.00. Includes 10 hours in- car driving tuition. This amount must be paid on first part 2 in-car driving session.


 •Part 3 – £1300.00. Includes 40 hours of tuition and visual aid book. This amount is divided into 4 payments of £325.

These payments do not include your Tests Fees.The total cost of Option’s 1 and 2 are exactly the same.



Alternatively click the links for Geoff Capes Driving School or King's Driving School on the right; Arcangel Driver Training is also responsible for instructor training with these two schools.


The Fees are set for the Training to be taken in the Stockport & South Manchester area.

Any Extra Training will cost £30.00 per hour.

Part 2 and Part 3 Rescue Training:- £30.00 per hour

Check Test Training:-£30.00 per hour


DVSA Test Fees are currently:-

Part 1 – £81.00

Part 2 – £111.00

Part 3 – £111.00

Trainee licence - £140

Registration fee – £300.00 upon qualifying and every 4 years thereafter.



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