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By christruesdale, Oct 28 2011 03:29PM

Consider driving less

More CO2 comes from people’s car travel than from any other kind of UK transport

In the UK, more carbon dioxide (CO2) comes from people’s car travel than from any other kind of UK transport. Reducing your car travel is a key step to reducing climate change effects and local air pollution.

Nearly a quarter of all car trips are under two miles, a distance you can cycle in less than 15 minutes. Cycling and walking distances under two miles could help you get fitter and save you money in fuel. You could also consider:

planning ahead so you can combine car trips

car sharing

using public transport

By guest, Sep 25 2011 03:48PM

We would like to welcome you to the official Arcangel Driver Training Blog! From here you'll find out about all the latest offers available to you the client, whether you're a learner driver or a corporate visitor. At present we offer all learners to earn as they learn so if you can refer three friends who then go on to complete ten hours of training, you'll benefit from a free practical test worth £62. For any corporate fleet training there is at present the offer of a free half day's training worth a massive £125.

Feel free to browse the site at or call on 0800 112 0019 or 07803 580 885 if you require more details.


Chris Truesdale DSA/ADI


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